Making your mark isn't hard. It just takes work.


I’ve decided it’s time to make my mark.

As a marketing and sales professional, I’ve dedicated my time and my skills to the companies where I’ve been fortunate to have been employed, drove business results and managed teams. Like most in marketing, I’d considered stepping out on my own at several different times but always had a reason why that day wasn’t the day. The dreaded “I’m afraid to take the risk…”

SkoobMark landed its first client our first week in business and we’ve never looked back. From SaaS to pure B2C and from cyber security to the IoT, the industries and companies we work with are driven to be successful. The best part about consulting for these companies is sharing in their success and knowing we’ve helped them get there.


And just who is this SkoobMark person?

Becky Skubish, MA has been working professionally for over 20 years in advertising, marketing, and sales operations. She specializes in strategic planning, marketing automation, ecommerce (including Amazon), digital marketing and project management. Her agency work in branding and promotion includes programs for Hallmark Cards, Burger King, Anheuser Busch and Bayer. She is currently the owner of SkoobMark, a marketing consulting firm.

Becky is focused on driving profitable revenue growth and lead generation through the development of integrated programs across both digital and offline marketing channels.

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